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Meet Beth Dozier & Bella

I am so honored that my story about sweet Bella is included in the first volume of Gone Dogs. She fell into my life and changed it forever.

I'll never forget the sleepless night following Bella's sudden passing — those hours when my grief, tears and gratefulness for her just poured onto the page.


To me, one of the most difficult consequences of losing a loved one, whether they be canine or human, is the natural act of moving on, forgetting, healing. The cruel twist is the day I realize that I only thought about them once twice, once or not at all.

That's why writing about Bella was catharsis — a balm on my heart that came with knowing that translating our time together into words would keep the precious memories fresh.

My deepest thanks to Gone Dogs for immortalizing the stories of so many other dogs who lived and loved. 


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